Working group 2 report, 2021

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For the 2020-2021 season, the working group no. 2 “Energy transition and territories: New cities, new grids” focused on the impact of the massive substitution of fossil fuel by renewable and low-carbon energy on urban and inter-urban energy networks.

The gradual, but intensive withdrawal from oil will be highly favourable to electricity produces under various forms and will place greater constraints its power. Similarly, natural gas will be phased out in favor of new carbon-neutral gases such as biogas and hydrogen.

Massive energy transfers will require significant reinforcement or creation of generation, transmission and distribution units, which will lead to a redesign of traditional gas and electricity networks and their operating models. In addition, much of the renewable energy required for this transformation will be produced or recovered locally, thus increasing the number of energy injection points.

This reports focuses on the connection between energy infrastructure in urban areas, and the regulatory issues it raises.

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