Working group 1 report, 2021

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A newly constructed tidal turbine is made ready for deployment on the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy.

Reflection on Offshore Renewable energies (ORE) stems from the use of the forces of the sea: more than 70% of the surface of the globe is covered in seas and oceans. Currents, tides, waves, differences in water temperatures, are huge energy sources, the use of which is of major importance for the production of electricity and heat. ORE are renewable, low-carbon, and correspond to varied electricity generation patterns, which makes it possible to adequately respond to the needs of the different territories and energy consumption models. Apart from their environmental dimension, these energies can contribute to industry, employment and development of the economy at national and local scale.

Under the responsability of two independant chairmen, this report aims to highlight the ORE potential in France, by presenting specific examples in mainland France and overseas; it aims, for experts and decision-makers, to inform strategic thinking on renewable energy and the energy mix. The members of our working group, roughly 40 stakeholders from the energy field in France made a set of 11 proposals.

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